Spend an hour with a family of wonderfully wild SWAINSON'S HAWKS.  Watch
                                              with wonder as Junior defies all odds and grows from a fuzzy white chick into
                                              a handsome and determined fledgling -- and shed a tear or two when a                                                           terrible tragedy turns his placid world into a frightening and danger-filled                                                       nightmare.

                                           This 59 minute independent video production was produced with digital video and audio
                                           equipment and contains a rich and exciting soundtrack of original music..  It failthfully 
                                           relates  the true  adventures of Junior, a newborn  Swainson's Hawk,  and  follows his 
                                           harrowing progress in a world fraught with genuine danger. These beautiful hawks 
                                           face an uncertain future due to loss of critical habitat and the unfettered use 
                                           of deadly insecticides in some of the southern countries to which they migrate 
                                           every winter. 


Your video is so beautiful and so inspiring. I feel privileged to be able to
share in this world you have captured.  I also appreciate your love and
concern for the hawks and other natural beings of your landscape. What a
beautiful place you live in.   
Jude Lamare, 
President, Friends of the Swainson's Hawk,

Very well done!  The footage was beautiful ( I particularly like the approaching storm at the beginning of the monsoon), the story compelling ( I have to admit I was moved to tears when the female was killed) and a nice underlying conservation message.  You should really be proud of the finished product. To have taken this project from the raw footage to the editing, writing, narrating and music was a huge task and you accomplished it very professionally. I'm pleased to have had a small hand in helping with your observations.

Tom Wood
Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory


Beatriz E. Candil Garcia, author of "The Redtailed Hawk", Moyhill Publishing